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7:54 p.m. - Tuesday, Jun. 14, 2011
-Is it what it is?
Let's was 2 months ago we picked up on a v-nose enclosed trailer. Wanted to have a trailer that would cut down on the wind sway, had a chock for Dean's bike, a ramp and a side door.

We're still here in FL. dean did his usual procrastinating: sat for 6 months on butt with remote in front of tv and with i phone game at same time. It wasn't until we decided on a date that he decided it was time to clean out the shed, call the flea-in-yard man, get the main BR re-tiled. All the crap I think he should have been doing instead of butt-sitting.

I'm going to complain that I become physically ill when I go outside with the not only high 90's but the high dew point AND humidity. Us yankees are used to the high summer humidity but don't usually have the high dew point. At the moment the temps are in the 60's & 70's in the upper midwest. WOW!! at the moment I might kill for a low dew point.

Last August I was down in FL with the high DP and humidity. I would be drenched with sweat after only a few minutes outside. It was horrendous!

The moon is full June 15. I nest the day before , the day of and the day after a full moon. I go NO WHERE> Too many crazies out there. So hopefully we can have the trailer packed and ready to go early on the 17th. Dean is somewhat deluded thinking he's (we) are going to do the 1600 mile drive in one stretch.

In the old days I was known to do a 1500 mile drive in one day. Those days are gone. We aren't spring chickens any more. Plus I can only do daylight driving due to night blindness.

We will see...

Time to do a bit more packing. Dean is napping...


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