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11:35p.m. - Wednesday, Jun. 29, 2011
made it back to MN a week ago.
Dean drove 12+ hours. He wouldn't allow me to drive (cuz he be scared) but he horrified me toward the end of 1st day aiming the car at the shoulder, playing with iphone while driving, tail-gating before passing, etc, etc. Dean tends to drive every car as if it was a semi. somewhere in NW Kentucky, finally he was convinced to pull into a motel for a much needed rest. Plus he needed to relax with a TV remote.

found a photo of our one and only grangirl & her granpapa at her last BD party. If ya look close you can barely see her mama with glasses on in the background


I be nice wifeypoopoo: see Dean's cap? I find HD small wing patches online then hand sew them on his caps. Nice guy. Eh? Methinks so...

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