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5:35 a.m. - Tuesday, May. 28, 2013
Missing Sara...

It's hard to believe that it is a month since my Sara Sweetie went to the other side. We didn't realize until I called the vet that Sara was the eldest of all my cats. She was 17 years and 1 week when she died.

Sara might have been the tiny-est at 7 lbs but boy did she rule! Neither the dogs or the other cats would tangle with her.

 photo sarababy-2_zpsa5c5142a.jpg

Sara was a mix Siamese and Himalayan. I think the Siamese in her was why she had to have us in her sight most of the time. It was as if she was guarding us. Toward the end, Sara was acting really strange. It was as if she was lost and couldn't find her way around. She started going behind the big chair in the kitty room and droppin turds. She would totally skip the kitty litter boxes which we had two, one for each of them.

Out of my original 6 cats, Sox is the only fella left. Sox will be 17 years young this July. His brother Tig-tig passed on 2 years ago almost exactly. Tig's buried here in Florida about a mile away from here in Okahumpka Florida. The night Tig died, I spent almost 10 hours watching him die. It was the middle of the night and the Vet wasn't open. Dean didn't want to drive all the way up to Ocala for the emergency vet. Finally Tig-Tig had a horrible seizure and he was gone in 3 more hours. Dean went out and bought some Lye. While he was gone I called the Lake County Sheriffs office to find out where I could legally bury my cat. We live on a canal that flows into Lake Harris which is part of a chain of lakes that goes all the way over to St John's River then into the Atlantic. Wel now that I've written about my Sara, I think I'll go in the bedroom, read then go off to sleep. It's really nice and peaceful at night after Dean goes to sleep. No TV Blaring and way less smoke out here in the Florida Room.

We're planning on being all packed up and ready to travel back to Minnesota in a few days.

ASAP after we get back to the cold state, we will be getting together to sign the lake property over to my oldest daughter and her new husband. She's really, REALLY happy with Troy. Her and Troy are a much better match then she had with Dan.

Next month my oldest grandson is graduating from High School. Unreal how time flies. As usual I am rambling....

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