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6:15 a.m. - Monday, Oct. 07, 2013
silly kitties warm blooded scandinavoian

As I'm using the mortar and pestle on the rosemary and marjoram, was thinking it was way to hot in the kitchen from just simmering spaghetti sauce. Went into the hallway to discover Dean had turned on the heat setting it at 68 degrees. Hey man it's only 40 degrees outside. Not cold enough for a man with mostly Scandinavian ancestors (his paternal grandmother's ancestry was Moravian Roma,Gypsy)Even so, Moravia has cold winters. Must be that us with Celtic ancestors are a heartier breed? Oh I forgot, the Celtic Volcae left Moravian Region 60 BC, the the Germanic Quadi took over. Either way they have cold winters, not unlike Minnesota.

In all fairness to Dean: I woke up for a few seconds early evening and asked Dean, who was on the "throne" with his Iphone games etc, when he wasn't too busy to shut the BR window over to a few inches. He asked me if I was cold. I answered "nah, just think it may be too cool for the kitties. Don't want them to catch a cold like Paco did." Then he died August 2011, after we syringe fed him for weeks. I was SO SAD after losing Paco. He was the youngest of the brood. I still miss Paco, a lot. Sniff-sniff...

The girls are too rambunctious and silly running all around, like speed-jumping-and-climbing everywhere. Up and down their tall kittie tree. Picking at the plant behind the sofa. Racing up and down the hall. Onyx is fascinated when I'm eating peanuts and dropping the shells into the trash can. She's silly.

They like to slap at, trying to play with old grandpa Sox who sits on the stool and irritably slaps back at them. He is slightly more tolerating of the kitties. I think he sorta misses being lone cat. Oh yeah, Blondie (AKA Ms Topaz)is so WEIRD! At times, when I'm working in the living room, sitting in the recliner with the laptop, when its nap time she comes and sits on my upper chest. While I pet and scratch her, she starts slurping/suckling/"nursing" and kneading on herself. Sox and Tig-tig didn't nurse themselves when they were kittens. But then they were not without a mama at a few days old. I think she feels secure on my chest while I'm petting her.

The sisters are at least twice as big as they were when we got them in mid August.

Damn I'm rambling...I also need to move the chairs over to the outside kitchen door to help keep the girls off either the stove or the counter tops.... Such good girls. They help when we sweep or mop the kitchen floor. They'll bat at the the broom, dustpan or mop. They run away, of course, when I'm using the floor sweeper or vacuum on the floors. Time to stir the sauce......later gator....

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