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3:56 p.m. - Saturday, Mar. 10, 2012
Can y'all believe it?

Finally after months of no commentary.

Nothing much to add besides the same ole same ole "we be snow-birds in Florida"

Let's see..oh yeah Deans surgery in November last went just fine. especially the wonderful 5 week break I had with my wonderful full breed Ozzie

my full breed schnauzer, Ozzie

Oh yeah and Dean is still in his chair here in Florida with his Ho Iphone named Daisy, 'cept for once the TV is off (probably he doesn't want to hear my wrath for the incessant noise I'm subjected to with his TV on all, usually, all waking hours). WAIT..there is noise out here in the Florida room, but at least its decent music coming out of the his dream machine.

You can see my witchy herbs at the left in the photo & my tomato plant in the background.

Gotta go change. Dean's taking us out to the restaurant where all the other old farts are congregating after our annual flea maarket we had today. Think I'll have a wee bit of wine so I can tolerate a few of the ole bitties (as my mama would have said...) The old guys are semi-tolerable, even if some are on their, "oh I gotta make myself feel better and go on a power trip." The guys are too funny. At least I hear from a few women as to what a nice feller Dean is...


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