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2:13 a.m. - Monday, Oct. 01, 2018
New kittie?

Well seems likes it's been forever. On Sept 8th some nasty hawks picked up my baby girl Onyx and took her away. I miss her terribly; she was such a sweetie. A neighbor lady 2 fields away called Dean the other day to say she found Onyx's collar with her ID on it. Needless to say after Dean returns from MN early Wednesday at 0015, we will discuss getting another kittie or two to keep Blondie company.

A friend of mine may need to re-home Jack and Jill (above) Jack the striped cat is 2 years old and the gold eye black kittie Jill, is about 8 months. Apparently the 2 are very bonded. Wont know till this weekend if she will re-home them for sure. Will wait and see.

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