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12:15 a.m. - Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2012
Just thinking politics

Wow its been awhile.

I was just contemplating politics. Can't understand a person who supports entitlement reform, votes conservative and then thinks nothing of collecting unemployment or Social Security Disability or retirement Social Security.

Of course most Republicans aren't REAL TRUE Conservatives, just a bunch of neo-cons and tea that crazy Michelle Bachman from Minnesota. She lost only by a wee bit because of conservative redistricting otherwise she never would have been re-electied.

Hmmm...guess these people feel entitled themselves. Go figure. LMAO. They're really REALLY hypocrites in the true sense. They aught to refuse any form of entitlements and leave them for the liberals. But even Romney and Paul Ryan accepted entitlements etc.

In all honesty, the only really true republican that ran was Dr. Ron Paul and the RNC screwed him and his delegates. Oh and don't forget his idiotic, disloyal son-in-law Jesse Benton. What an ass...

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