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2:10 a.m. - Thursday, Oct. 20, 2011

Oh well it's always something poppin up putting the screws in things

latest is Dean. I insisted going into see his neurosurgeon with him the other day. His history is the astrocytoma in his spinal column some 10 years ago which caused his permanent disability from his truck driving career. Well after about 3 back surgeries and a total knee done over past 10 years, he will need another laminectomy done. If I recall correctly the L-3 & L2 are ruptured and the surgeon isnt happy about doing surgery over scar material. More of possible problems (I'll not go into the possibilities and knock-on-wood).

Needless to say the bike has been taken out of the trailer. Dean wont be riding this year while we are in Florida.

Packing is going real slow. The cooler weather is getting into my bones with the constant aching and icky back pain. The hands are driving me buggers. At least the knees aren't acting up yet.

Plan today is hopefully we will be out of here next week midweek? Dean will drive the wagon and pull the V-nose. As of date, I have not mastered the ability to back a trailer up. Last time I tried, I bent the tongue on the boat trailer.

Any how, Dean still needs to get some guys to help him get the boat motor onto the wood pallet in the trailer. He is planning on flying back to the frigid north country the 2nd week in November. He wont be in FLorida for Thanksgiving or for going to see Aaron Neville end of November. For my birthday (end of this month) Dean got tickets to see Aaron Neville. Guess I'll see if Julie wants to go with me instead.

Dean will fly back to Florida after his surgery, maybe the 2nd week of December.

So he wouldn't be too lonely, I suggested he keep the Nickerboy here with him. But he doesn't want to pay the extra $$ to fly both ways with the schnoodle ($75 each way.) Nickie tends to act weird when dean isn't around. He is hypervigilant and sometimes wont eat because I think he fears something isn't right when Dean's absent. Oh well.

time to take kitties, pups and the 2 heating pads and crawl under the blankets. Hopefully the bones will feel better in the morning. Dean is nesting in the kitchen on a HUGE Study chair in my kitchen!!) with his remote and his I-phone. Think he is playing texas hold em ....while listening to the tube...

Boyz and their toys and incessant waste of time...oh well

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