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- Thursday, February 22, 2007
\"Stultus est sicut stultus facit\" - Stupid is as stupid does....

Last weekend, I was able to pick up on the new Lucinda Williams CD, a double CD titled West that hit the store shelves on Valentine's Day. The CD was priced half off, on sale!

Well, after Dean cracked the 2nd CD when he tried to remove it from the Case, it won't play and I am LIVID!. I stood right next to him as he said "It's stuck". I replied 'yes, I know it is. Be careful Dean... I don't think it should be pulled up on the side, like you're doing. Please don't pull the CD up like that. You will crack it. The middle of case should be pushed in and it should snap up." Sure as shit. Dean pulled the CD and cracked it!

I could not believe that he is that stupid to KNOW very well that the CD would crack, then pull up and crack it. Oh well, he is like alot of men. Doesn't really give a fuck what anyone else might suggest or think. He will go ahead and do whatever it is at that moment, because he "feels" like it, no matter the possible consequences, or what another person may feel about the situation. Typical male arrogance, disrepect and lack of common decency. What more do I need to say on the matter.

SO many of that male species, are pigheaded, stubborn, GREAT with the tunnel-vision. Expert at misperceiving etc, etc, ectera. Some men just love jumping to conclusions, before they have all the facts. Alot of it is for the attention of others, for the empathy or pity another person may express for them. These type of men just LOVE playing the victim role. It is downright pathetic and sickening. DAMN!

Lest I forget, the "compulsive" lies that go hand-in-hand. These characters think nothing of lying, and rationalizing why their lies should be condoned. Can't tell you how many times, I have confronted a guy and the response is "I have my reasons". SHIT! But then if you attempt to do the same thing, as in, tell a lie, just for the principal of the matter, well then, you can't. How dare you! You 're made out the scumof the earth.

I don't know why I even bother to comment on these dumb-fucks. They have always been in their own little world. Don't give a flying shit about what anyone else may think or feel. It is as though, these guys are the only people in the world who should have thoughts or feelings, on any topic. That their opinion is the only thing that matters. That is where they are arrogant, cocky. But of course if you confront the guy about his behavior, you will hear from them "I am NOT cocky". Excuse me kind sir. But you ARE being cocky.

Total lack of insight. These same fellas are notorious for blaming others for their actions. No one twists their arms and force them to act in any manner whatsoever. They are responsible for their own actions and behavior. But for these guys, instead of taking responsibility for their own doings, they find it easier to blame another person. A person makes their own problems and either can choose to take responsibility for what is going on in their heads or blame another person.

It gauls the shit right out of me, when a guy believes that because he thinks it, it must be a reality! Damn!.

That reminds me of the Latin phrase, "Stultus est sicut stultus facit" - Stupid is as stupid does. That says it all. Besides, the average person is knowledgable of the fact, that physiologically the male brain is different then the female brain. Their brains are tinier. In fact, most of the female gender are "stronger" then alot of men. Not physically, but mentally and intellectually. Alot of women survive better in an emotional crisis or situation then men do. In fact, why do you think women have the children? The answer is simple, women are much stronger then men and can handle childbirth. A man would freak out, and piss and moan. Probably blame their situation on a woman!


I may be out listening to my new CD. But the good news is I now own every last Album and CD, which The Fools Band has recorded since the 70's. I have been collecting their music over the past 10 years. For the past 4 years, I have belonged to a Yahoo Group "The Fools" and have had a link to the Fools website here at my diary for the past 3 years, along with the John Eddie link, below. The most recent Fool's Album, I am fortunate enough to own now ( just arrived in the mail), is The Fools 1st recording. Their debut Album titled
"Sold Out".

When I talked with Mike last June at their show in Mass about their music, I forgot to inquire if they ever did a CD of "Sold Out". I doubt they have.

I missed their show at the Casino in Hampton Beach a few years back because, Dean didn't want to stop with the RV to take in the show. But last June we were finally able to hear them.. Dean over the past 4 years has formed an "extreme" liking for the group. He has even got his friend and neighbor turned onto The Fools.

I sent a pair of vintage goathair boots to my friend Sara in New Hampshire. We talked today and she said the boots arrived in the post the end of last week. The boots fit fine and look just like the old pair she had at one time. Sara also said she is interested in going with us next time we see either The Fools Band or John Eddie.

Poor Sara. Over the past couple of months she has had to put 3 animals down. Both her beloved cat and dog had cancer and one of her horses needed to be put down. It was very hard on Sara. I recall how miserable it felt when we had to have Luke and Jake put to sleep within 2 years of each other. It was one of the most difficult jobs I ever had to do.

I just got a call from Dean. He is out purchasing a pair of waders for our night shimping we plan on doing in Key Largo. Dean said he called the store, explaining about the CD, about it being stuck and cracking when he attempted to pry it out of the case. The store said to bring the CD back and they will replace it. Dean siad he will replace the CD for me. Thanks Dean. That was thoughtful of you.

With that little fiasco over and done with, I think I will go sweep and mop the kitchen floor. I need to mop up the dried-on-spilled-coffee of Dean's. He finds it difficult to take a rag and wipe up his spills. It is easier to wait for me to clean it up, his mess on the floor.

I need to quit expecting Dean to pick up or clean up after himself. In close to 30 years, he has been unable to so. My feeling is, he believes it isn't his responsibility. That it is my job to clean up and pick up after him. Hmmmm. Something is wrong with that picture. And I am weary of requesting he be normal and clean up after himself. I guess I will need to do it myself.

Ta Ta...

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