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7:34 a.m. - Monday, Aug. 26, 2013
new kittens....

I am really in the mood to complain or bitch whatever, but I will show some self control instead because...

there are now 2 new female critters in my home. A woman at my daughters' work found the baby girls and her brother in a ditch when they were a few weeks old. She nursed the kittens with a doll bottle, got them litter and dry food trained. We picked Blondie and Onyx 3 weeks ago this Wednesday. The baby girls are the sweetest, nuttiest cats I think I've ever seen.

Dean named Blondie and is partial to her. I named Onyx and she is my main love. It is a total riot watching all the crazy stuff they do. When I figure out how to make a video with my phone, I may try putting it up here. For now I have a couple blurry pics taken with my phone.

>While becoming acclimated to new surroundings, the kittens felt really secure sitting in the cat tree cubby hole or behind the Florida boxes behind the room dividers in the living room. Now they come when we call, get up on the cupboard and snitch Sox's food and hide behind the boxes to sleep at night, for security I am sure. They now can get up the the TALL bed I sleep in (that's another story and part of what I waited to bitch about, but that's another day).

Need to say that Blondie and Onyx's favorite to play with are either my toes or fingers wiggling. I have numerous scratches on both my legs by my knee where the girls have attempted to climb up my legs via the skirt of my dress!. Love these baby girls.

This week they probably will be taken in for their first shots. Both the kittens and Sox will need to be wormed because 3 weeks ago when we took Ozzie in for his yearly checkup and shots, the vet gave him a med for Tape worm, which she said he most likely acquired this early summer when he was hunting baby rabbits in the back yard. Oz was doing his job: Schnauzers were originally bred as ratters. Nick is the naughty bad-dog. Oz is just a chubby sweet heart. and I put Oz on a diet. If we don't watch the boys during meal time, Oz will gobble up his food then sneak over to Nick's bowl and eat Nick's as well the reason is another story from before Oz was with us.

Onyx and her sister like taking turns sitting in the bowl on the floor:


Next pic are the sisters napping under the table in Ozzie's beds:


Onyx and her sister playing on the cat tree when they first joined the family. Now Blondie climbs all the way to the top and takes naps occasionally, when she's not wrestling with Onyx.:


I am mostly up all night on my old night shift hours peacefully doing my work while Dean is sleeping. Need to go use my Cuisinart and get the potatoes sliced for tonight's supper. Decided to do a ham and have au graten and nice green beans. Which reminds me: I need to get out and water the plants in the back yard. This year I have 4 pots on an old table in the yard with 2 tomato plant, a bean bush plant, 2 pepper plant and snow peas. They were planted in late June early July. The tomatoes and peppers are small but growing. The peas and beans have their flowers. Planning on an autumn harvest.

...time to get back in the kitchen...then off to sleep....

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