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7:00 p.m.

- Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Yup, just a heel he was.....

Was thinking today of a woman I knew once. Her heartbreak, foolishness and naivete truly cut to the core. Her story may be that of many other women, who in not knowing any better ...

...she gave her heart, soul and entire being to a certain man. Entrusted her life to him... It was of her nature to trust. The man she was "amoured" with shattered her life and tore it apart.
Later, the guy demeans her in public, referring to her as every derogatory name conceivable. She was called the fool.

Perhaps unwittingly she was a fool. For her the charade and fiasco was totally humiliating, a disgrace. She discovers later, that she was one of many. The guy was a so-called "player". The man stated, in his defense, condoning his actions: "any other man in my place would have done the same thing..". So untrue. Not every man is insensitive or would treat a woman in such a manner.

All I can say, is thank God there are decent, caring, kind and gentle men in this world, to make up for all the truely selfish, unscrupulous, self-centered heels.

Her story sounds all too familiar to me... be continued.....if I feel up to it...

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