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3:47 a.m. - Thursday, Sept. 08, 2011
more of the witch-bitch

Okay already. Iheard you wanted me to write sumtin and saw you peekin'

Going thru it again harpin' on Dean to get himself off his Iphone, click off the tv remote, get his butt outta his chair (over 2 months now) and start getting the trailer ready to go back to florida in 3 weeks! Hmmm, its almost 4 a.m and he's still in that chair in the kitchen. He's got one of the huge desk chairs with the extra memory foam pad on it for his butt's comfort as his does his let's-not-have -a-life-in-front-of-the-tv routine... LMFAO>
Buggerbutthole went against my wishes and downloaded iTunes the let's-slow-up-the-housemates laptop a few days ago . Why did he? Well, I'll give you ONE GUESS> ITunes for his 1st love his iPHONE!! You'd think I'd know better. Dean does what dean wants when he wants no matter who it affects or no matter the consequences.
I so much wanted to get back to Florida early October for the girls autumn bowling league. But I fear that may not happen due to the guy sabotaging shit again.
The trailer needs a new heavy duty chock for the heavy Harley. Toward the back of the trailer will be a pallet to haul my 40HP motor back to Florida for our pontoon. Damn its frustrating watching an entitled man waste a possibly good life sitting literally on his butt. Must say he got a light flash and picked up on 2GB memory for my laptop, removed iTunes after he uploaded his stuff on his new (GUESS WHAT?!!?!?!===you guessed it: his NEW IPHONE!!
okay enuff of the witch-bitch.
Since June 1st I lost 2 of my cats: TigTig died of old age in florida the 1st week in June. A week ago I had to put my 13 year old Paco down.


We were feeding him with a a syringe per the vet instructions. Paco was REALLY ill: wheezing, not eating or drinking. It was really sad. Sure wish now that I had purchased the pet health insurance. It would have cost about $1200 to get the xrays and in hospital stuff he needed with only a 50% chance of getting to the baseline he was at a week earlier. Just a little ill and not eating.
I MISS my Paco.
Now there is only Sox (Tigtig's bro), Sara and Blackjackie (blind in 1-eye jack). jacks my Tuxedo cat. Vet says his red,blind eye is actually a tumor. Jack doesn't miss Paco because Paco is no longer hunting him.
Think I'll call the cats and go off to sleep (bet Dean falls asleep in the chair in the kitchen...again...
Till the next episode in the life of a retired withch-bitch..

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