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1:53 a.m. - Wednesday, Apr. 13, 2011
It is what it is

Well well. it's about time.

Spent a couple years its seems trying to remember my password and which email I used way back when so I could email DL for my password.

took a really wild guess and BINGO! here I be.

We've been down here in Florida since October. (I should say Dean's been down here since then.) I went back to MN 3x's between Oct and Dec. Been down here since mid Dec.

The way things are going, I'm not sure when we'll be going back. All I know I need to be back here for the bowling league which starts in Oct.

I flew back to MN a week before Thanksgiving. The following Saturday I had the misfortune of the 1st MN snowstorm. dean hadn't fixed the snow blower so I ended up re-injuring my back when trying to shovel the shit.

The water hadn't been turned off and a shitload of stuff not done before we took off for FL in mid October. Took us almost 8 days to get down here with our wee RV due to some mechanical problem (some hose or something). Forget what but we only got 8mpg. The problem ended up being a $40 piece. Took forever to find a place that had the right diagnostic device for the Winnebago Warrior.

What a trip driving down here with 2 dogs and 5 cats!

We stayed at one RV Park in the little Warrior for 3 weeks in Lady Lake Florida before we found our house on a canal on the Lake Harris Chain.

We bought a pontoon which was a fiasco. We're taking the guy to court and get our money back. Attorney said we have a good chance because of the Florida consumer laws. We only had the boat out 1 1/2 times. Both times the boat died!

Anyhow. What else. Oh yeah, Dean found us a Florida car. Last week I bought a golf cart to drive around the neighborhood and I've taken up sewing again.

Sewed curtain/drapes for the bedroom and am in the process of finishing up a sun dress. I'll be damn if I'll pay 50 bucks for something I can sew myself for under $12.

Guess the single-parent frugality never wore off. Course probably some of my being so frugal is growing up poorer then a shithouse rat.

Takes an hour now to do 5 litter boxes since I switch to using pine. I'd researched kittie litters to discover that the clay litter can cause some really serious physical problems in cats. That may be what killed Paco's brother Spaz a couple years ago. I still miss Spaz.

It's a long story but it takes an hour to clean all the boxes...

Need to get someone to pressure clean this house. There's a huge amount of Florida moss on the roof. In addition, due to all the moss hanging from the Cypress trees around here, the dogs have acquired the nasty fleas. Six weeks ago, I suggested the flea bomb to Dean but he refused. NOW he is insisting on it.

Instead of packing up all the critters and driving off for half a day, Dean suggested we use the bomb in the main part of the house, lock the patio door uptight and nest out in the Florida room with the AC off and fans on. We're suppose to do the bomb Wednesday, but with the great procrastinator I reside with, Wednesday remains to be seen...

I feel ashamed of myself because I've been neglecting Sara in NH lately. I'll need to give her a call and fill here in on the past 6 months!

Now I'm looking for an enclosed trailer to pack and take back to MN instead of taking the gas hog RV. It cost a small fortune driving that thing. I would really like Dean to get one of his bikes down here in FL. The past weekend was the Leesburg Bikefest, which Dean didn't go into town for until Sunday night when all the bikes were gone. Figures.

What else?

Hmmm. I had a reason why I wanted back into this diaryland. But damned if I can recall what I wanted to write, so I'm just babblin'.

Hmmm. A couple years ago, my oldest daughter called me up at the lake to inform me that she was getting a divorce. The news really upset me knowing she would go through what I did. But she survived and got the ass out of her house. She said he is a good dad but a lousy husband. I was surprised in 91 when they got married. I figured the guy was not her type. She wasn't brought up to be submissive and thats what the ass wanted. Anyhow. She's got dual custody of the kids and the sad part is she is in love with a married guy and her best friend. DAMN!!

I cant go there. It's too upsetting, a wonderful woman like my oldest wasting her time on something that can never be. The guy will never leave the loveless marriage because of the physically challenged daughter. The men rarely leave the marriage when there a mentally/physically challenged offspring. Don't know if they feel guilty or don't have any balls. Hmmm or maybe they're just whipped. Thats more likely. Narcissistic BS most of it. Like the woman isn't capable of rearing the child probably 100 % better then the guy. Most guys are so wrapped up in their toys they don't have time for the kids except when it suits them.

Frickin hypocrisy. Whatever, doesn't matter.

Well I'm watching dean play his silly game on his Iphone which is a 24/7 piece of BS while he has the TV blaring incessantly at the same time. Nothing that needs to be done in this house is getting done. Perhaps once a week he might spend an hour doing something constructive. The remainder of the day he rewards himself doing the Iphone poker/TV thing smoking his brains out in this Florida room. (wonder what over made me think Florida would be any different then MN.)

I'm the fool alrighty. Always workin my ass off. I need to start feeling entitled like Dean one of these days.

Which reminds me: it pisses Dean off when I mention that the die-hard republican is collecting welfare (thats all that Social Security is.) It galls me. according to the supreme court no one is "entitled" to Social Security benefits. And if the conservatives are so against entitlement programs how can a conservative take Social security benefits. Galls me! Hypocrisy again.

My brother has called me 4 times in the past few weeks. We've engaged in what we thoroughly enjoy: debating (bitching) about political shit. He went round and round with my bible thumpin, conservative sister, married to a bigoted barstool educated loser. She works for a city, will most likely lose her pension, and worships as my bro puts it a "sand nigger". Oh and her hubby hit on my brother's GF a while back. Typical asshole guy BS. DAMN.
Sure glad I'm a pagan. (or should I say witch, as in bitch).


I keep trying to be a good ole witch...hehe...dang cats knocked over my herbs on the porch the other day. Bad karma atcha girl....

Last night I sewed a HD Patch on one of the black trucker caps I bought for Dean. Oh well. Nice guy that I am.

Think I'm getting too irritable so I better go finish up the litter boxes. I've procrastinated enuff here.

Oh yeah one of these day I might post some photos of what I left in MN by the (compliment of dean that is)...its ridiculous!

Oh and I only have 8 more months of paying big $$$ for my cobra (total 18mo). Then Ill qualify to purchase normal affordable health insurance.

Oh and what do I expect with 2 ADD persons residing in the same house.

The "Driven to Distraction" has a story of couple who sound just like Dean and myself.

Diaryland: it's good to be back. I need a place to bitch once in a while.

In summation, as the saying goes "it is what it is".


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