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9:22 p.m. - Friday, Dec. 28, 2012
Jackie my boy..


Jackie went over to the other side yesterday. He was not eating or drinking anymore, was falling over and lost alot of weight. He had bladder surgery about 4 years ago and was a special diet to avoid bladder crystals.

Dean took him into the vet for me and petted him as he was going under. Dean is my hero for doing that kind act for Jackie and me.

I REALLY miss Jackie. He was such a good boy. He used to put his legs at my neck and hug me. It's not the same any more without him. Now we only have Sara and Sox. Sox lost his brother June and we lost Paco August 2011. Its really hard losing pets.

Both Sara and Sox are getting old I think they are 14 and 16. Now there will only be two litter boxes. After learning that regular kittie litter can causes numerous physical problems due the the ingredient diatomaceous earth, i started using wood chips in their boxes. It's messier but the cats are healthier and may even live longer.

I can hear Sara screaming in the other room. Need to go pet her.

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